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All Hands In
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An Atypical Journey

Children & Adults with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

: an online community


Learning Disability:

In addition to most mental health conditions, Learning disabilities are also considered invisible disabilities and can be barriers to emotional and social maturation.

This can increase the odds of developing depression/anxiety/etc. Please see for possibly helpful resources - here

On the Spectrum:

Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Depression can be more common for people on the Spectrum. 

- Here is a resource guide you might find helpful.

- Relationships on the spectrum (a bit of insight)

- Wandering and safety awareness

Black Lives Matter

Feel free to take a look at some resources to enhance this conversation:

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Emmanuel Acho

Books for kids

Books for adults

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You have weathered many storms. Please enjoy any of these non-lengthy breathing exercises that might help ease your stress:


Aligned with the Gestalt here and now focus, studies have shown yoga to reduce stress, improve affect and decrease depression. Yoga Pose - a partner in wellness is offering  yoga classes for 99¢; expanding access to yoga. 10% of earnings are going to Mental Health America. Please visit the Yoga Pose website to sign up if interested in yoga to support in your mental health fitness routine.


Hotlines and Help

    Seek support or information about:


       1-(800) 662 - 4357

       24-hour hotline for community supports

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