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Court-involved therapy

Image by Scott Webb

There are times the court system might order therapy as an alternative decision to a court matter. Your client/therapist relationship consists of open-ended collaboration, with the pace set by the patients needs, and any court reporting deadlines taken into consideration.  You may come to therapy with required concerns to address, and no different than Individual therapy, you will be provided with support to ameliorate symptoms or mitigate identified risks if needed. Court involved matters that may be deferred to therapy as per the court system are:


Anger management - Many individuals suffer from anger related issues. Anger is a human emotion that you have the right to feel.  However, a pattern of unhealthy demonstrations of anger could lead to relationship, legal or job problems. 

Other types of court involved therapy include: 

  • Supervised visitations

  • Intimate partner violence (domestic violence)

  • Assault

  • Destroying property

  • Disturbing the peace

  • etc

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