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You + Compassionate Therapy = Greater Zen


At The Greater Zen, you will be supported by an integrative approach, evidenced based and culturally competent practices. To add, multicultural competence is a journey that develops our understanding of ourselves, our clients and the world.  It is a goal that betters us because underlying assumptions can be detrimental to relationships. In consideration of culturally related social stigma preventing persons from seeking therapy; or research that has found there are stereotypes which underlie the implicit bias shaping many adults' view  to include the adultification of young BIPOC, know that you will meet with a Clinician who is sensitive to the unique needs of our clients. At the Greater Zen, our goal is to build sisterhood for women who will allow themselves grace, to rejuvenate and re-discover.

This counseling and wellness "house" provides a healing space for women, to blend naturally cultivated strengths and coping skills with tools acquired in session. If you feel that you are experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma based stress, or just feeling stuck and need an objective therapist to process your journey with, you are welcome to book a session.

What to Expect
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Individual Therapy

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No matter the stressor, therapy will be tailored to your needs. The Clinicians goal is to inspire self-awareness/realization, as well as process faulty thinking patterns in order to support you on your road to optimal wellness. 

How we meet

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In consideration of the Pandemic, Virtual sessions offered.

In person Walk & Talk or in-office sessions offered after 3 sessions and as needed

Online video sessions are HIPAA compliant.

Wellness Resources


Click on the Resources tab in the menu to find information for wellness partners and many offerings that could support you on your journey toward zen. 

Clinical Supervision
for LAC's

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Partner with a qualified counseling professional to build your clinical competencies as you earn counseling hours for your LPC.

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Self-pay and Insurances Accepted - see rates
Consultation Fee - Paid before Consultation

One of three outcomes is possible following your initial consultation:

      We decide to start a number of therapeutic session

      You may decide not to continue with the therapy sessions or,

      I may provide referrals for another therapist, if needed

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