Sans-Therapy Groups

Each day might pose new and evolving challenges, and now more than ever, we might be eager to optimize our wellness.  

The Greater Zen Counseling & Wellness House is offering Sans-therapy Groups

Sans-therapy groups are facilitated by experts in their holistic field. They too are conducted virtually. See below for offerings.

Yoga Wellness  with 


Doula Mommy Time -   click for featured Doula- Bria Bjornn

This is a weekly group that provides support to people with topics encompassing the full spectrum of pregnancy (conception, contraception, birth, abortion, miscarriage, adoption).  You do not have to currently be a mother to attend. Group requires a devoted hour (approximately). A Full Spectrum Doula will facilitate the group. You are welcome to attend and receive information about new parent coping skills, infant soothing, and emotional/physical recovery from childbirth, loss, infertility, etc. 



Aligned with the Gestalt here and now focus, studies have shown yoga to reduce stress, improve affect and decrease depression. Yoga Pose - a partner in wellness is offering  yoga classes for 99¢; expanding access to yoga. 10% of earnings are going to Mental Health America. Please visit the Yoga Pose website to sign up if interested in yoga to support in your mental health fitness routine.



Surviving Nutrition Group

In this day and age, weight loss or simply attempting to change how we eat to achieve a healthy lifestyle, is a constant topic and a journey that most people are familiar with. Or you might just be in a transitional space wondering how to tackle quarantine weight gain. Once a month clients will be offered a judgment free space to talk amongst peers and receive dietary instruction from professional Nutritionists.