Featured Doula


My name is Bria Bjornn. I am a mother of two and I am a full-spectrum Doula based in Eugene, Oregon. My goal is to support you on your reproductive journey, wherever this may find you.


As a full spectrum Doula, my job is to support clients through the experience of pregnancy and the postpartum period, regardless of the outcome of the pregnancy. I am trained to support not only those who give birth, but those also experiencing pregnancy loss, termination and still birth.


My virtual Doula group is an open space for individuals to process their experiences with professional support. It is the job of the doula to share information and knowledge with clients while meeting you exactly where you are at. I find that a group setting can be incredibly affirming to those who feel that their circumstances have isolated them.


Let’s work together to make your pregnancy and postpartum experience the best that it can possibly be.